Peace River Valley

I spend my days off here, filming, hiking, canoeing and exploring. I decided I should hike the valley to enjoy it as it evolves into a lake from a river. Then I had a close encounter with a mountain lion and started setting up trail cameras.

The valley is beautiful and I want more people to enjoy what I see there along with the pictures my trail cameras capture of the wildlife and natural beauty. The wildlife is resilient and will adapt to the changing habitat. It will be interesting to observe and record these changes.

Harvest From the Land

When I was six my dad took a new summer job at the Mines and Petroleum Ministry building in Charlie Lake, B.C. so the family could be together over the summer instead of dad going to Great Slave Lake with a  geology crew to do field geology on the shores of Great Slave Lake.

This meant happy afternoons picking Saskatoon berries along the Peace River and learning how to harvest wild game. Dad taught me how to really see in the woods, how to read trail and game sign. Mom taught me how to cook the wild game we harvested.

Mom was very allergic to the chemicals in store bought meat so dad would harvest game from nature’s grocery store for the family. I remember eating the rarer game like Mountain Goat, Caribou and Buffalo as well as regular fare. I have eaten far too much Moose and mom especially loved her Whitetail Deer roasts. She would beam with pride when she carried a deer roast out of the oven to place on the table at dinner time.

My favorite food however, was Saskatoon pie barely sweetened with Peace River honey. Too much sweetener covers up the unique berry taste.  Mom was suspicious of the white sugar and said that it weakened a person but she taught me that honey made a person stronger.  Now I can read modern nutrition writings to confirm this.



My grandmother was of Mohawk blood and her love and nurture imprinted me with a deep connection with my First Nations heritage even though I was of mixed blood.

From an early age I ran through the woods on the game trails like a young deer.     Bare chested and barefoot if I was not proudly wearing my moose wrap moccasins.



Nature Knows Best

What if walking in the woods and being close to nature is something that has been part of our DNA for thousands of years and to lose this natural connection is to lose our inner strength and source of healing?